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Californian Orange is classic old-school cannabis, this hybrid strain has been loved by connoisseurs for many decades for its excellent terpene profile and relaxing high.

It is a medium-sized variety with a high yield.

Californian Orange has an average flowering time of around 9 weeks. It is a very resinous variety with a compact structure and a good relationship between flowers and leaves.

The dominant orange aroma and flavor is really great. This strain is also known for her pleasant relaxed hybrid high. The effect is energetic, euphoric, slightly uplifting but also physically calming.
Californian Orange, a beloved old-school cannabis cup winner
Californian Orange has won several cups over the years. This unique 'Orange' cannabis strain won its first prize in 2013, subsequently won first prize at the Copa Txapelketa in Spain and in 2016 even won 2 different cups in the same event in Argentina.

It took first place at the Copa Cannabis in both the Outdoor and Extracts category. This proved to everyone that it is not only a plant suitable for outdoor and indoor cultivation, but it is also suitable for the production of cannabis extracts.

Californian Orange has a dominant citrus aroma, with notes of orange, mandarin, lemon and earth
Californian Orange, the name says it all, California oranges. This cannabis strain has a lot of citrus terpenes and the proportion of myrcene and limonene is very high compared to other varieties. Most plants have a strong citrus aroma and flavor. However, there are some phenotypes that may have a slightly more floral and tropical flavor with occasional earthy notes.

All plants have significant resin production that extends to the leaves. It's a sticky variety! It's not the most potent strain when it comes to THC, it gets a medium to high score, but it's the one with the incredibly potent and pungent terpene profile.

The scent begins to be felt softly during flowering and once you smell it you will enjoy a wonderful fragrance of fresh citrus. The smell may sometimes be slightly tart with some notes mainly of citrus and lime. The pure taste of oranges and tangerines mixed with a more earthy and skunk one makes this old-school USA strain very tasty.

Californian Orange is a cannabis strain with a rich history that originated in California, USA
The right connections in the breeding world were the basis of Dutch Passion's success in the early years. Touring California in the 1970s proved to be the perfect opportunity to find a new cannabis strain with a unique flavor profile. The goal: to find a variety with a true orange and lemon scent and flavor. They found Californian Orange and the genetics were brought to Amsterdam. Selective breeding was done and the seeds were soon produced for the European farming community. The rest is history.

What genetics do we find exactly in Californian Orange?
Californian Orange, also known as 'Cali Orange', 'Cali-O' and 'Cali Orange Bud', is a stabilized hybrid cannabis strain with Californian roots. This 50/50 Indica / Sativa strain was crossed in the 1980s and is available exclusively from Dutch Passion. The genetics of this strain originated from an exceptional Californian plant, the terpene profile was very pungent, with hints of ripe oranges and mandarins with an earthy background.

This is a true old-school USA classic of the highest quality. This traditional California cannabis plant originated during the hippy era. It was developed in the 1970s, brought to the Netherlands and subsequently hybridized during the 1980s to make these seeds available in Europe as well. Californian Orange is a very uniform and robust Orange variety, it became popular from the moment it was launched on the market and is still a highly sought after variety among connoisseurs today.

Californian Orange produces large sticky buds with a thick resin layer and a strong citrus-dominant aroma.
Californian Orange is a strong and stable strain that has a solid layer of resin and trichomes even on the leaves. In some cases, old-school classic strains, such as our Cali-O, retain a sizeable number of loyal and repeat growers even decades after launch, despite all the trendy new cannabis strains that have been developed in recent years.

This original strain from Dutch Passion has largely earned its place. Most growers like that old-fashioned effect, that energetic, clear up-high, and excellent terpene profile. This intense orange scent and flavor will never be boring.

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