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It all started 12 years ago, long before we became Fast Buds. At that time, autoflowers were not very popular, but the founders of Fast Buds saw huge potential in this new type of cannabis genetics, so they started experimenting with autoflowering genetics under the roof of their garage. Up to this point we still didn't have a name, but luckily, due to the speed and huge potential, "Fast Buds" came naturally, being the first thing that came to mind. We continued to learn, research and experiment for a couple of years until in 2012 our first five autoflowering genetics, Crystal Meth, G14, Mexican Airlines, Northern Express and C4matic, were made available on the new Fast Buds site. Once our team had established itself, it had a long and challenging road ahead of it, as there were already many Dutch and Spanish seed banks offering excellent products. However, American genetics were something completely new and unknown to European growers, so it was only a matter of time before we signed our first distribution contracts in 2014 and Fast Buds genetics started appearing in several stores across the country. EU. When growers started experimenting with our seeds and realized the obvious advantages of modern autoflowers, things started to change quickly. 2015 was one of the biggest years in Fast Buds history. At the beginning of the year we released one of our best-selling autoflowers worldwide - Girl Scout Cookies Auto. At that time we were already recognized as the first company to bring American genetics in autoflowering form to Europe. A couple of months later, we attended our first international cannabis event and introduced our genetics to growers from all over the world at Spannabis. The event went so well that Fast Buds began to participate in the most important cannabis fairs and events, visiting countries such as Italy, France, Austria, the Czech Republic and many others, making itself known and attracting attention throughout Europe.

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