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Head shop Italia is a company founded in 2017, we mainly deal with the online sale of smoking and cannabis seeds. Our company was born from the five-year experience of the "Guerrilla garden" sales point based in Civitanova Marche in via pergolesi 2, a reference for all hemp lovers. Here you can find the most varied items from cultivation products to all storage, processing and consumption tools, both playful and therapeutic. Our ambition is to research

Always new and quality products to offer to our customers, with particular attention to the North American market full of innovations. In our site (head shop italia) you can find more than a thousand articles but as I said we are ambitious and we are always looking for new ways to go.

Visit the categories of our site and remember that for any information you can contact our customer service through

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Email: info@headshopitalia.com


Headshop - Bong and glass pipe, grinder, papers, scale and many other products at your disposal!

Headshop Italia offers only the best brands in the vast Headshop panorama, chosen for their beauty and functionality.
In our catalog, you will find: Glass bongs and pipes of the best craftsmen, spare parts and accessories, grinders, scales, maps, rolls, lighters, storage boxes and much more.
We are always looking for innovative products that are difficult to find in the Italian market, to meet the expectations of the most demanding smokers.
In our shop you can find the best brands in the market as head: Roor, Black leaf, Blaze glass, Clipper, Smoking, Ocb, Raw, Juicy jay's, Ziggi papers, Thorinder and other products constantly updated.


Vaporshop-Desktop and portlable vaporizers

Our Vaporshop offers a wide range of digital, classic and portable vaporizers, as well as accessories and spare parts for every type of model
Vaporization offers many health benefits, since no plant material is burned, exposing the user to a minimal amount of chemicals released in traditional combustion.
In our online shop you will find the best brands in the vapor market such as Storz & Bickel, Boundless Technology, Aromed, Firefly, Vapocane, Flowermate and many other brands,
Discover our offers in the VAPORSHOP section, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or information regarding the functionality of our products.
Visit our vaporshop where you can find the best Vapor market brands such as: Storz & Bickel, Aromed vaporizer, Boundless Technology, Firefly vapor, Vapocane, Flowermate Usa and much more.



Dabbing is a valid alternative to conventional ways of taking Cannabis, as it only inhales the vapor of the concentrate, thus excluding chemicals and butane from the lighters.
First in Italy to have a dedicated section within the site, with a wide range of professional products at your disposal, we strongly believe in the development of this practice, still little known in the national territory.
In the United States since 2010 the popularity of concentrates has taken off in a dizzying way and Cannabis consumers have had the opportunity to observe the increase in shatters, budders, waxes and oils, in the menus of the various dispensaries.
Discover our Dabbing section, where you can find everything you need for your concentrates! Dabbers, tools, mats, containers and much more


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