Headshop Italia is a company born in 2016 from the ten-year experience of "Guerrilla Garden" growshop based in Civitanova Marche and, to date, a reference for all cannabis lovers. Our e-commerce was born from the idea of ​​two partners, David and Andrea, who have always been passionate about the sector and with the aim of being able to provide an international and customized service. The continuous search for new products and innovations from all over the world, has meant that we could specialize in the online sale of US products. Starting to deal mainly with items for smokers and starting from 2018 CBD products, such as flowers, extracts, isolates and oils. In recent years we have managed with great success to import brands that, until then, were scarcely available on the European market such as: MedTainer, Gravlabs, Empire Glassworks, Pulsar, Ooze, Grindhouse, Blazer torch, 420 Science and many others. This enrichment has also changed the way people approach and enjoy these fantastic products at their best. With this awareness, we began a long search for equipment such as dabbers, dab rigs, torches, silicone containers and vaporizers for distilled liquids: all essential items for those who want to enjoy their smoke to the fullest. But we certainly did not stop here and also aware of the fact that our country, unlike others, does not allow everyone access to these types of hashes.Our customers can find, on our site, a wide range of equipment to produce extracts. such as: rosin presses, water hash bags, pressurized columns for BHO and much more. If on the one hand we privilege what is innovative, certainly we have not neglected the classic - if it can be defined as such - and that is why our catalog also boasts countless types of bongs, from those of artisanal production by glass masters to those more commercial and easy to find. This continuous research on the market has led us over time to approach the dabbing and extractions sector, to which we have dedicated a special section on our site for the first time in Italy. Thanks to the interest and demand that has grown exponentially, we can now boast of being among the reference points for extractions and dabbing in Italy and on the European territory. The Headshopitalia.com team is waiting for you, guaranteeing you professionalism, speed, innovation and experience!

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