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At RQS we intend to offer exclusively fine genetics, to satisfy the needs of every grower. All our seeds are hand-selected from plants grown using natural methods, and tested to ensure genetic purity. We also test seeds daily to ensure an industry-leading germination rate. We distribute the purest and most reliable CBD-containing products on the market, and we collaborate with organic and eco-sustainable companies.
At Royal Queen Seeds we are constantly evolving. With our dedicated brand RQS Pro, we work on creating high-quality seeds for the professional market, while improving the genetics available to every grower.
As leaders in the recreational and medical cannabis industry, we are equipped with the tools and power to reshape the future of cannabis breeding. With innovation and creativity, we make a positive contribution to the global cannabis community.

We aim to achieve more stable and pure genetics, for the benefit of cannabis growers and consumers. Like all our customers, we are also enthusiastic about future ecological prospects.
The history of cannabis, and in particular that relating to its consumption and cultivation, is turbulent and exciting. Initially shunned and vilified by mainstream culture, then cultivated and consumed by those who belonged to a so-called "subculture", cannabis was finally widely accepted, and today its popularity is constantly on the rise.

The group of cannabis enthusiasts is no longer considered "rebels", but is made up of people of all kinds. We at RQS want to bring everyone together under our philosophy: “Growing, together!”. The goal is to share and spread the love of cannabis!

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