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Integra products are backed by decades of diligent research and recognized by industry-leading brands as the most reliable and effective two-way humidity control product on the market.

Finding the perfect balance for storing your cannabis, sticks, or household items should never be a problem. We're committed to providing safe, clean humidity control so you don't have to.

Integra Specialty Products is a subsidiary of Desiccare Inc., the leading standard in atmospheric packaging for food and pharmaceuticals for over 29 years. A visit to a kale chip factory in 2014 by our sales team raised the question of two-way humidity control in storage for the medical and recreational cannabis markets: who provides humidity control for cannabis medical and recreational? And more importantly, why aren't we?

With Desiccare's expert engineers and scientists, Integra's mission was born: to create two-way humidity control for cannabis, sticks and housewares that is plant-based, salt-free and follows all of the industry's rigorous safety requirements. food and pharmaceutical industry.

Since then, we are proud to say that Integra has become the number one choice of brands and consumers for atmospheric control for many industries and markets.

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