An extraction is a concentrate of Cannabis, where terpenes and cannabinoids are isolated from plant matter with different techniques and methods.

Mainly divided into solvent and non-solvent extractions, the quantity of cannabinoids present in an extraction can reach percentages of 90%, allowing the final consumer a longer and longer lasting effect with a quantity of smoke inhaled notably lower than the traditional influences.


Hashish is the oldest and most consumed by man. To obtain hashish, the kief must be pressed until the resin glands merge into a single body. The hashish contains concentrates of cannabinoids higher than inflorescences, this little productive technique is leaving more and more space for solvent extraction


Despite the popularity of solvent extractions, solvent-free extractions remain the best technique for producing pure concentrates without danger. The spherical glands of cannabis are almost microscopic, but can be isolated without the use of solvents! Although it requires some more precautions and longer times than with BHO and CO₂ extraction, this extraction process is much cheaper. The purest concentrates extracted without solvents called "Full melt" contain exclusively cannabinoids. This means that the extraction is free of impurities and plant materials

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