Gas extractions and solvents 


Solvent extraction is a process that requires the use of dangerous gases and must therefore be carried out by a technician in the sector. The different techniques allow to treat the vegetable substance with heat, chemical substances and pressure, to extract the greatest quantity of active compounds.

When the glands and the trichomes are crossed by a solvent, the most important cannabinoids are separated from the plant material of marijuana. All unnecessary plant impurities, such as chlorophyll, fats and other vegetable particles, are discarded, leaving only the purest extractable concentrate


Crumble is a concentrate cleansed from any impurities to highlight the best flavors of Cannabis. Its more solid and easy to crumble texture makes it suitable for different types of consumption.

The wax has a more solid consistency, perfect for dabbing pipes, they are easier to handle and use, which makes them perfect even for novice novices.

Budder can have different consistencies, from liquid to dense, budders are a middle ground between wax and crumble. They are less sticky than a Wax and more malleable than a Crumble. They are appreciated and popular for the purity of the teprene

The shatter has a hard and thin consistency, with extremely strong effects

This type of extraction uses the same technique used in the production of wax or budder. It differs for its crystalline consistency, offering a harder end product.

Shatter is obtained by applying a very high temperature at the end of the BHO process, thus removing a greater quantity of humidity from the process, improving its power.
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