Buddha Seeds 

Buddha Seeds is a Spanish brand, with more than 15 years of experience in the cannabis sector. Buddha Seeds focuses its efforts on genetic improvement to produce and maintain its varieties in a position of excellence on the market.

Behind each variety there is a great deal of work in selecting and stabilizing desirable characteristics, as well as exhaustive quality controls to ensure success, from germination to harvest. A work that has earned the respect and trust of thousands of growers around the world. In fact, many of the strains on the market today come from the first seeds of this bank. All this has made Buddha Seeds recognized worldwide as a world-class seed bank.
Research and development

Buddha Seeds' multidisciplinary team is made up of agricultural engineers and biotechnologists who apply the most sophisticated technologies, such as gas chromatography and genetic sequencing, to analyze plants at both the genotype and phenotype level. It is important to mention the development of a methodology that allows the characterization of the genes that encode the enzymes responsible for the synthesis of cannabinoids.
Thanks to this methodology it is possible to analyze the genome of newly sown seedlings and predict the profile of cannabinoids that they will show in the adult phase. This represents a great advantage for the breeding program they are carrying out, since it allows them to choose the chemotype of both the parents and their progeny without having to wait for flowering.

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