Medical Seeds  

MedicalSeedS is a seed bank based in Barcelona, ​​founded in 2005 with the mission of improving previously selected genetics to create seeds of the highest quality. We work with a very controlled production to focus our efforts on ensuring the best quality of our seeds. For this reason we work with all varieties separately, so that we can study them thoroughly and understand their behavior during the entire cultivation process. This way we know how the varieties react to pests, fertilization, flowering periods, indoor/outdoor harvesting, resistance to cold and fungi. Thanks to meticulous production and the strictest quality controls, we guarantee the quality of our products before placing them on the market. All our breeding, selection and research on live plants is carried out in countries where cultivation is legal. The experience acquired over the years as growers has taught us that it is very important to grow with quality seeds and this is why we have long selected the best genetics from all over the world. We have always paid particular attention to the combination and crossing of strains, with the aim of obtaining improved genetics of great quality and tested for a long and thorough period before being placed on the market.

We are very proud of our strains, which are known for their excellent yields, taste, aroma, wonderful crystallization of THC and for their effectiveness as a therapeutic adjuvant for the treatment of various ailments. Our strains have garnered more than 100 cannabis awards over the past 10 years, both nationally and internationally. And above all, more than 30% of these are cups won by growers who have bet on our seeds, thanks to all of them! On a therapeutic level, we have done very in-depth research to facilitate the different therapeutic uses of Cannabis, both by translating studies done in other countries and by writing articles for various magazines with the aim of showing the public how to make their own tinctures and extracts. , either by developing plants with CBD, CBG, THC or with a 1:1 ratio.

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