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Malibu OG Gold Fem: Mendo Purps x Purple Kush

Malibu OG Gold Feminized finishes with large yields of sticky purple buds. Featuring a combination of 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics, Malibu OG Gold finishes in 45 to 55 days. Strong terpene profiles radiate from the dried flower, representative of the taste for this strain. Malibu OG Gold has been reported as a daytime strain, with increased motivation, improved mood, and a focus on the task at hand.

Once gardeners witness the beautiful array of purple hues that Malibu OG Gold Feminized seeds produce, it all comes together. The legendary strains Mendo Purps and Purple Kush were used and refined to create this new sensation. Sweet but potent earthy aromas are customary from Malibu OG Gold, representing both sides of the lineage.

This strain is suitable for many growing styles and gardeners of all levels. Our new Malibu OG Gold strain is pure eye-candy for any garden and a euphoric lift for any gardener that encounters it.

Malibu OG Gold Feminized is a slightly indica-dominant variety. Traditional indica traits are evident in the large fan leaves and robust structure that supports the weight of heavy buds. The sativa influence is evidenced in the finished height of the plants. Although similar, a trained eye in the garden can detect the four phenotypes produced by this outcross. Malibu OG Gold has average nodal spacing, but light defoliation is often recommended to expose bud sites covered by larger fan leaves.
Malibu OG is feminized, and the grower won't need to worry about the threat of unwanted pollination. Malibu OG Gold has a short flowering cycle, typically lasting 45 to 55 days. With only so many days in a year, the short flowering time of this strain allows cultivators more harvests per year when managed correctly.
A steady grower through both vegetative and flowering stages, gardeners can expect rapid growth during the initial flip into flower. Malibu OG Gold gets its height from the sativa influence in the genetics. The inherited indica traits keeps the plant from becoming stretchy and minimize the spacing between lateral branches. Indoors this strain is tall, reaching up to 120+ cm. Outdoors, expect an even taller plant, typically around 200+ cm in height.
Malibu OG Gold is a large yielding plant in various mediums, including soil, coco, hydroponics, and living soils. With minimal effort, indoor harvests are large, averaging 450 to 500 grams per m2. Outdoors in the right climate, yields as large as 600 grams per plant are being recorded.
A photographer's delight, Malibu OG Gold finishes with a dazzling display of violet, plum, magenta, lavender, lilac, amethyst, and any other shade of purple leaves imaginable. However, the real treat is the bountiful and beautiful purple buds that sparkle with a sticky coating of intoxicating trichomes. Chunky and round purple buds decorate the sturdy limbs of Malibu OG Gold.
Outdoor cultivation is best reserved for warm, Mediterranean climates where the sativa influence can take full advantage of the rays under the sun. Indoors, this is a wonderful option for year-round cultivation. Gardeners of all experience levels will be happy to know that this plant is a good option for any level. Malibu OG Gold is suitable for SCROG, SOG, Supercropping, and Lollipopping training techniques.

Malibu OG Gold exhibits both indica and sativa influence in the terpene profile and flavour. Open containers of dried flowers quickly envelope the immediate airspace. Earthy tones have been inherited from the indica side, while the sweetness likely comes from sativa influences. The enjoyable air surrounding Malibu OG Gold translates directly to the flavour palate of this strain.
Motivation levels are important to maintain throughout the day, and Malibu OG Gold does not detract from them one bit. Many reports have suggested that this strain provides a sense of motivation. A calming but euphoric experience, Malibu OG Gold is great for focusing on the task at hand. This strain clears the way for happy days and a relaxing afternoon.
Malibu OG Gold Feminized seeds blossom into a terpene profile of potent earthy, musky and contrastingly sweet terpenes. Home cultivators need to note that the aroma from the blossoming plant is pungent. Adequate air filtration will be required to maintain a sense of privacy. Earthy and musky scents are particularly strong during this period. The specific combination of powerful odours can be problematic without treatment.
After harvesting and curing this plant, sweet notes come forward to compliment a classical indica terpene profile. The flavour profile of Malibu OG Gold also puts forward a satisfying mix of deep and earthy tones. Adding to the earthy palette is a sharp but subdued musky undertone. Combined with hints of sweetness rounding out the overall taste, Malibu OG Gold demonstrates what good genetics and breeding can lead to.

Seed Type Feminized strain
Sativa / indica Sativa / indica Hybrid
Flowering Time Average flowering period
Height High plant
Yield Heavy yield
Climate Zone Sunny / mediterranean

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