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Based in Basel, the heart of European pharmaceutical production and research, Cibdol has fully committed itself to this international reputation. Being the center of pharmaceutical and biotechnological research, we joined the industry and with a highly specialized laboratory, in charge of the production of our CBD oil. From this collaboration came our range of food supplements with cannabidiol, currently unparalleled in terms of quality.

The staff of our laboratory has always shown a great passion towards the CBD. We are a small team dedicated to producing a reliable and effective product. I am very sophisticated, but this is what makes Cibdol so special. The combination of passion, knowledge and advanced use has elevated Cibdol to a higher level. Production costs are not among the cheapest in the industry, but it is the right price to pay for the best CBD oils on the market.

Our CBD laboratory, in full compliance with strict Swiss quality standards. Our oils are produced in a bio-tech laboratory, with qualified personnel produced by technicians and laboratories. All our resources are planned and respected all the hygiene and quality standards, made a production without equal.

The so-called "Swiss Approach" is perfectly suited to the philosophy of Cibdol and, on the contrary, to its customers. Maximum precision, reliability and compliance with regulations and laws are essential for the batches of our renowned dyes.

Thanks to the Swiss approach that always seeks maximum respect for the rules, with the supervision of technicians, today the various stages of production and repeated laboratory tests, we now have the opportunity to offer our customers the maximum traceability and transparency of our products and processes. Cibdol products are effective with high quality ingredients, with the latest scientific methods. Our strict quality control processes. Furthermore, the batches of CBD we produce are accredited and tested by an external laboratory. What is sure is what we have said.

Our company is headquartered in Switzerland and, as a result, my statements are absolutely considered in accordance with Swiss law and those of the European Union. This means that transport and storage are followed by best conservation practices and that all raw materials are already certified at source.

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