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An extraction is a concentrate of Cannabis, where terpenes and cannabinoids are isolated from plant matter with different techniques and methods.

Mainly divided into solvent and non-solvent extractions, the quantity of cannabinoids present in an extraction can reach percentages of 90%, allowing the final consumer a longer and longer lasting effect with a quantity of smoke inhaled considerably lower than the traditional influences.


Hashish is the oldest and most consumed by man. To obtain hashish, the kief must be pressed until the resin glands merge into a single body. The hashish contains concentrates of cannabinoids higher than inflorescences, this little productive technique is leaving more and more space for solvent extraction


Despite the popularity of solvent extractions, solvent-free extractions remain the best technique for producing pure concentrates without danger. The spherical glands of cannabis are almost microscopic, but can be isolated without the use of solvents! Although it requires some more precautions and longer times than with BHO and CO₂ extraction, this extraction process is much cheaper. The purest concentrates extracted without solvents called "Full melt" contain exclusively cannabinoids. This means that the extraction is free of impurities and plant materials


Solvent extraction is a process that requires the use of dangerous gases and must therefore be carried out by a specialist in the field. The different techniques allow to treat the vegetable substance with heat, chemical substances and pressure, to extract the greatest quantity of active compounds.

When the glands and the trichomes are crossed by a solvent, the most important cannabinoids are separated from the plant material of marijuana. All unnecessary plant impurities, such as chlorophyll, fats and other vegetable particles, are discarded, leaving only the purest extractable concentrate


Crumble is a concentrate cleansed from any impurities to highlight the best flavors of Cannabis. Its more solid and easy to crumble texture makes it suitable for different types of consumption.

The wax has a more solid consistency, perfect for dabbing pipes, they are easier to handle and use, which makes them perfect even for novice novices.

Budder can have different consistencies, from liquid to dense, budders are a middle ground between wax and crumble. They are less sticky than a Wax and more malleable than a Crumble. They are appreciated and popular for the purity of the teprene

The shatter has a hard and thin consistency, with extremely strong effects

This type of extraction uses the same technique used in the production of wax or budder. It differs for its crystalline consistency, offering a harder end product.

Shatter is obtained by applying a very high temperature at the end of the BHO process, thus removing a greater quantity of humidity from the process, improving its power.


Extraction with ice (ice or lator) separates the resin heads from the trichomes attached to the plant material. Once separated, the mixture containing the glands is filtered through nets with micron-sized mesh of different sizes. In this way the vegetable impurities are separated and different quality hash are obtained depending on the mesh in which they have been held. For the Ice or lator the final tanning of the product is recommended to bring out the terpenes and flavors.


Another fast and non-dangerous extraction method is Rosin, also known as SHO (Solventless Hash Oil). This process consists of inserting influences or scraps of cannabis into a hair straightener, using baking paper and dabbing tools. By exerting pressure during the overheating of the inflorescences between the two plates, the trichomes separate from the vegetable matter by pouring in the form of liquid resin.

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