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Making products of the highest quality, such as those of Enecta, requires professionalism, procedures and equipment suitable for the purpose. Nothing is left to chance.

Since we know how essential it is to be able to buy and consume in complete peace of mind, it seems only right to explain the path that leads a Cannabis Sativa L. seed to become a CBD extract ready for consumption.
Making a quality product requires adherence to some basic principles and guidelines made by independent bodies.
The fundamental principles that guide us are:

  • Cultivation on selected fields without the use of pesticides

  • Application of the Guidelines on Good Agricultural and Harvesting Practices (GACP)

  • Contaminant monitoring according to the specifications of the European Pharmacopoeia

  • Good Manufacturing Practice

In particular, the GACP and GMP guidelines serve as the basis for the instruction of an adequate quality assurance system (QA), reported useful for guaranteeing certain standards, ensuring:

  • Compliance with general and specific hygiene requirements (which includes areas of cross-contamination / contamination, personal hygiene and hygienic production of plant material).

  • Control methods.

  • Documented Procedures (SOPs) covering the entire manufacturing process in detail

  • Process safety

  • Suitability of the final product.

This model helps us to ensure, through standardized procedures and identification of critical production phases (based on HACCP, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points procedures), an appropriate and consistent quality and safety of the final product, within a system of complete and updated internal traceability (each production lot is traceable and traceable to the producer and, therefore, also to the field or place where the plants were grown and harvested).

They are certified: Made in Italy, Pesticide Free, Heavy Metal Free (we ensure the absence of heavy metals through analysis and sampling during the production phases) and the dedicated Monitored Warehouse (buildings) are constantly cleaned, ventilated and monitored, with respective well-delimited work areas and adequate to protect the product from any possible contamination).

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